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Entering the Job Market With Your Distance Degree

Once you’ve earned a career-oriented degree from an accredited, quality institution, it’s time to enter the job market. Graduates of online programs, however, may feel timid at presenting their online degrees to employers, afraid that they may be laughed out of the interview for taking classes over the Internet. While online learners are faced with [...]

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Comparing Distance Learning vs. Traditional Learning

If you’re an adult considering going back to school to increase your salary potential, benefit from a professional certificate program, or just take a few courses for your own personal fulfillment, chances are, you’ve looked into enrolling in a distance learning program. The options for pursuing a degree or taking a class through distance learning, [...]

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How to Find the Distance Degree School That is Right for You

Deciding to pursue a degree through a distance learning program isn’t as simple as choosing between attending class and watching lectures online. In some cases, enrolling in a traditional program actually makes more sense than logging on remotely. Ultimately, what’s most important is the quality of the degree program, how it can benefit your long [...]

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How to: Stay on Top of Your Coursework from Afar

By Heather Johnson Keeping up with an online degree program takes a lot of self discipline. Since students usually don’t have to keep up with appointments or set class schedules, they have the freedom to log on and complete assignments anywhere and at anytime they choose. With that freedom, however, comes the temptation to procrastinate [...]

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Important Facts to Know About Distance Degree Accreditation

Once you’ve decided to pursue a distance degree, the most important thing you can do to ensure the program’s quality and credibility is to research its accreditation. If a school is accredited, that means it and its programs have been evaluated and approved by a council that checks standards of overall educational excellence. explains [...]

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100+ Sources for Free-As-In-Beer Books & Texts Online

Take a look around the Internet and you will find a huge number of books and texts available for absolutely no charge. Whether you are a student, professor, or just an avid reader, there is something out there for you.

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50 Fun Things You Can Do With Google Gears

While many of Google’s products have enjoyed loads of popularity, many may not be aware of the Google Gears application. This can be a great tool for those who travel often and may not always have connectivity to the Web but still need to get things done.

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Lose Your Wikipedia Crutch: 100 Places to Go for Good Answers Online

While Wikipedia isn’t likely to lose its status as the first place people look for quick answers anytime soon, there are loads of other sites out there that can provide you with information, some of which may even be better and more accurate.

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Creative Scholarship for Distance Degree Students

Petersons is hosting an interesting 2008 college scholarship contest that centers around YouTube videos.  Basically, they are asking college students to submit YouTube videos, and the best video wins the grand prize $5000 scholarship.  The only requirement seems to be that you have to use the video to tell the world "what makes you special".  [...]

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Tips For Transitioning the Special Education Student Into Adulthood

Preparing a special education student for life after school is crucial for his/her success as an adult. Students with disabilities develop a stable support group outside of their caregivers while being schooled, so it is important for them to find that in the adult world. Both caregivers and educators should work together on this transition. [...]

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